Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Alumni Success: Damon Martinez

Bachelor of Science – Media Arts & Animation
Winter 2008
Dimensionalist – In-Three

Media Arts & Animation alumnus Damon Martinez was meeting with his Career Services advisor when a lead came through with In-Three, a company that specializes in transforming 2-D films into 3-D. After he interviewed, In-Three offered Damon a job on a trial basis and eventually a full-time job.

“The Media Arts & Animation program taught me how film works but my demo reel showed them what I could do with images,” Damon said. “One of my scenes showed several images that had to be cut, color corrected and manipulated in a way that still blended together. It’s very similar to the type of work I do now.”

As a dimensionalist and occluded surface reconstruction painter, Damon corrects mistakes in the frames and puts back elements that were taken out during the earlier part of the editing process. He relies on the skills he learned in school to get the job done: frame rates, pixilation and image manipulation.

His favorite project is still in the works so he can’t talk about it yet, but he had this advice to share with students, “People may try to talk you out your passion but if you are dedicated to your niche, you can find a way to get paid for it.”

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