Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Alumni Success: Ryan DePaola

Associate of Science – Graphic Design
Spring 2009
Art Director – Focustribe Studios

“Give me a venue for creativity and I will knock your socks off.”

It’s this type of confidence that helped Graphic Design alumnus Ryan DePaola land the title of art director at Focustribe Studios.

“My work set me apart from my classmates but so did my networking, “ Ryan said. “I told everyone I met that I was a ‘creative designer’ and not an ‘in the box’ designer.”

Ryan met Focustribe Studios at the Portfolio Show and his interview went so well that they hired him on the spot.

“The Graphic Design program gave me the tools I needed to be successful,” Ryan said. “It helped me understand the difference between strong and weak design.”

On any given day, Ryan could be designing work for a children’s hospital or for a mixed martial arts company. The variety helps him keep his edge as a designer.

“From the moment I get in the office until I leave, my plate is full of design,” Ryan said. His advice to students: “Don’t be lazy. If you give everything you’ve got, you’ll come out on top.”

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