Thursday, April 30, 2009

Industrial Design Students Unveil Environmentally Friendly Sport Motorcycle Concept

For the past few months, senior-level Industrial Design students at The Art Institute of California – Orange County have been developing the Triad, a three-wheeled high performance sport motorcycle with an all electric drive.

The full-size model will be unveiled on Saturday, May 2 at the second annual Rock the Runway fashion, art and music festival. Student work from every program offered at The Art Institute of California – Orange County will be on display.

The design phase took over 12 weeks. The concept was designed by the students and built under the leadership of Industrial Design instructor and lead designer for Mazda Automotive, Truman Pollard. The concept was produced by five students lead by Industrial Design instructor and automotive designer Chong Pak.

Although the Triad is a non working concept vehicle, the platform bridges the gap between automobile and motorcycle while promoting a more socially responsible and energy efficient power plant.

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