Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Team of Students, Staff and Faculty Participate in an Art Adventure

On Tuesday April 21, a group of six from The Art Institute of California – Orange County joined Discovery Arts of Tustin at Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC) to help brighten the day of children of with cancer. Discovery Arts brings art to children in hospitals receiving treatment by hosting Art Adventure Days and The Art Institute of California – Orange County joined them last week as part of the National Week of Service.

Armed with glitter, glue, scissors and construction paper, the team spent a couple of hours with the children working on an art project coordinated by Foundation Studies Academic Director Alan Burner.

The Week of Service was a nationwide initiative and Art Institute locations across the country each selected a nonprofit to work with in their local area. In addition to sending a group of representatives to CHOC, The Art Institute of California – Orange County collected enough art supplies to fill 100 Bedside Adventure Kits. Bedside Adventure Kits bring the fun of an Art Adventure Day to children who are too sick to leave their hospital beds and join the other children.

The volunteers that went to CHOC shared their personal experiences below:

Alan Burner, Foundation Studies Academic Department Director
“It was nice to do something for someone else.”

Arica Haberstich, Financial Aid Officer
“It may be difficult for some to deal with the fact that these children are sick, but those few hours mean the world to a child who does not get to experience what one would consider a normal childhood.”

Krystal Lagpacan, Web Design & Interactive Media student
"Volunteering at the hospital was a rewarding experience and is something I will never forget. If you love art and want to contribute to the community, share your art with others. "

Jessica Muro, Interior Design Student
“It was worth taking time away from work to put a smile on the kids’ faces.”

Katherine Perez, Media Arts & Animation student
“This experience really put some things in perspective. It made the things I usually complain about seem stupid. I mean, here I am complaining about not finding a good parking spot or all the homework I fell behind on and here is this child with a life threatening illness that has to go through chemotherapy everyday and she still has a smile on her face. I really want to volunteer again even if the school isn't holding an event of some kind.

Kelly Piedra, Financial Aid Officer
“Kids are completely adaptable to difficult situations and these kids have adapted to being in and out of the hospital. They don’t feel sorry for themselves. It helps you put your own life into perspective.”

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