Monday, August 24, 2009

Alumni Success: Hayley Kohler

Bachelor of Science – Media Arts & Animation
December 2008
Storyboard Artist – Omation Studios

The most common advice offered to students is to build relationships with fellow students because they could be helpful in a future job search. For Media Arts & Animation alumna Hayley Kohler, this came true much earlier than expected.

“The lead storyboard artist from Omation Studios walked around the portfolio show asking students who the storyboard artist was and everyone pointed him in my direction,” Hayley said. “After the show, I was called to do a storyboard test and was offered the job.”

Hayley feels her experience at The Art Institute of California – Orange County has helped her be successful in her new career.

“My film, editing and storyboarding classes taught me the language and mechanics used in the industry,” Hayley said. “I learned to work as part of a team in a fast-paced setting through my portfolio and production classes.”

Currently Hayley is working on the animated series, Planet Sheen. Her multitasking skills are being put to the test as she must work on two to three episodes at once.

“As I am working on the thumbnails for an upcoming episode, I am also revising and cleaning a previous episode’s storyboards,” Hayley said. “My favorite episode so far is the one that features a character whose name I pitched to the executive producer.”

One of Hayley’s instructor’s offered the following advice and it is a message that has stuck with her: “You have to prove yourself everyday and learn something everyday.”

Her own advice to students is to never give up on their dreams so they’ll never lose sight of their goals.

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