Friday, August 21, 2009

Alumni Success: Joseph Reynoso

Bachelor of Science – Advertising
Fall 2008
Art Director – Innocean Worldwide

While the rest of the world is busy playing with Facebook applications, Art Institute of California – Orange County Advertising alumnus Joseph Reynoso is developing new ones.

Joseph is an art director at Innocean Worldwide where his projects also include TV and outdoor advertising. He credits a well-rounded education with helping him secure his first job out of school.

“I gained experience in Web design, photography, advertising and some film work through my classes,” Joseph said. “It showed my employer that I could think laterally across all mediums.

His most recent project was developing a Facebook application that allowed users to share their favorite hometown hot spots with people across the country.

“The Rediscover America app features a map of North America where people share the location and photos of their favorite local finds,” said Joseph. “People can share the local secrets of their own city or let everyone know about a place discovered while traveling.”

Although he already has a title many students aspire to obtain, Joseph does not yet consider himself an expert. He feels grateful to the senior level people around him that are willing to share their expertise.

“No matter how well you do in school, don’t let it go to your head,” Joseph said. “Be friendly. You will be working with the same people that you see walking down the halls.”

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