Friday, August 21, 2009

Alumni Success: Sandra Chavez

Bachelor of Science – Graphic Design
Summer 2008
Graphic Designer – PartnerPeople

Designing a package for class is one thing; designing a package that will one day be in someone’s home is what Sandra Chavez, The Art Institute of California – Orange County Graphic Design alumna, is working on now.

Before she joined PartnerPeople as a graphic designer, Sandra learned to become a better designer through classroom critiques.

“I know how to take criticism in a positive way and how to effectively communicate my creative process,” Sandra said. “People want to know the story behind your creation.”

In addition to her communication skills, Sandra credits her diverse portfolio with helping her land her job.

“Whether it’s a potential employer or a new client, your portfolio should be entertaining and make the viewer want to see more,” Sandra said. “Your portfolio is also a reflection of you as a person and demonstrates what you care about and how you perceive things.”

Currently, Sandra is working on a new package design for a company that produces digital display and presentation equipment. Her concept was so well-liked by the client that they decided to rebrand based on Sandra’s design. She will soon see her work on store shelves.

Sandra admits that graphic design is a fun field to work in but it still involves hard work. Her advice to students is to take in as much information as possible while in school and to respect fellow classmates.

“Network with students from different programs because one day they may be the ones to decide whether you get a job or not,” Sandra said. “Oh, and don’t forget to backup your files – especially during finals week!”

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